tour de wyoming keto diet 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903

Tour de Wyoming keto diet day 3

Tour de wyoming keto diet day 3 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903

Day 3 First of the HOT days

On paper I did not think today was going to be very difficult. The temperature was supposed to hit 100 again so I knew getting an early start was important. The distance was 85.8 miles and there was 7,700 ft of climbing. Our route took us from Ten Sleep to Meeteetse. Yes, Wyoming has some interesting names for their towns. I got to the first rest stop fairly fast. One thing about this tour is that it is not marked very well. You have orange arrows spray painted on the roads. If you zone out and miss an arrow you could easily get off the path. On the other hand, there are not many turns on this course.



tour de wyoming keto diet stage

stage coach stop

There was not much on this leg that was interesting. That sign was all that was left of the stage stop. The badlands are called that for a reason. I just kept moving trying to get as far as I could before the heat of the day. The roads in Wyoming have cracks in them that are repaired with tar. They are just about the width of a tire and soft. When the day gets really hot  and your tire gets into one of  them it is really scary because you could crash. Pluses and minuses of doing a tour with so few people. Kind of nice to ride by yourself for a while. On the other hand minimal trains formed that could speed the day up or help with fighting head winds.

tour de wyoming keto diet reststop

On the road I saw an owl that had been hit by a truck and was laying by the side of the road. A couple of riders from Cody called the bird lady who came and picked up the bird. From what I understand she takes these birds to the vet and sees if they are salvageable. If they are, she rehabilitates the birds herself and then releases them back in to the wild.  She has an interesting blog you can check out here.

tour de wyoming keto diet coffin 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903

Next to the jail cell of course

Toward the end, the gradual uphill turned into 2 small stiffer climbs. There was a highway rest stop that I stopped at. Went into the bathroom thinking I would use the sink to cool off. Would you believe there was only warm water ? At the top a pretty good descent into town. All I could think of was a cold beverage. Luckily Jeneane had the forethought to stock a cooler full of beer in our SAG. I can’t think of a time where a beer tasted better.  Can you believe we then had a short hail storm ? Variety is the spice of life !


Tour de Wyoming keto diet day 3

So how did I fare on this long leg ? Ride took around 6.5 hours. I ate one keto bar and had  fruit slices at every rest stop. I also used an electrolyte tab in two of my  water bottles. Felt pretty strong when the temp was below 90, but could really feel myself flagging after that. As soon as I got back I checked my ketones( 5.8) and glucose(108). The glucose was post beer. You can see from my ketones that the exertion from the heat really makes a difference. I am finding that eating the fruit at rest stations works pretty well for me. I am not having any problems with keeping my energy up. I know that my body is using up the glucose immediately as well so I am not concerned about insulin spikes.   I did do my  2 bouillon cubes which helps, but I did have some foot cramps today towards the end of the ride. The one thing I am not doing that I usually do is take a magnesium supplement. Just to hard to have all that stuff on a ride like this.  Never hungry or needing to eat with any urgency.

As soon as my teammates were all cleaned up we headed to Meeteetse to eat and drink. Cool small town with a population around 350. Once again had a chicken salad for lunch. The Chocolatier in town ran out of chocolate really fast. Surprisingly this town has an awesome museum. There was a  stuffed grizzly that was famous because of the amount of livestock it had gorged itself on. We ran into some locals that told us in one day a guide saw 24 different grizzly bears. Great .

The Tour de Wyoming put on a dinner that night which consisted bbq pork and baked beans which was really good.  Tomorrow is a rest day with the route mostly downhill. I am still going to get up fairly early to beat the heat.

tour de Wyoming keto diet 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903

Famous Grizzly


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