hangover cure Ft Collins

It is  9 AM and you have a elephant-sized headache. You pry your eyes open and confirm that, yes, yes that last round of Jäger shots at the bar was a very bad idea. Your stomach grumbles ominously as you track down a bottle of ibuprofen.  Something cheesy and fried would be good , but after your last vomit session you don’t think you can get it down. You need help.


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$199  IV fluids and meds will make you feel new again.

You run through your  options for hangover cures in Ft Collins. You’re not feeling quite presentable enough to mingle with the fresh-faced (and hangover-proof) college kids and soccer moms downtown. Hell, you’re lucky you’re wearing pants.  “If only you could get a McMuffin after 11!”, you curse to the breakfast gods.

We can help !

Call us   970-541-0903

$199  IV fluids and meds will make you feel new again.

We have got the hangover cure Ft Collins!

You could always get yourself a bottle of pedialyte.

Pedialyte is an electrolyte drink designed to replenish the nutrients and vitamins lost during vomiting and diarrhea. It was originally marketed mostly towards infants and children, but it does help with adult hangovers if you can keep it down.

According to NBC News Reporter Katie Little, a Nielsen study reported that “a third of (Pedialyte) sales now come from grown-ups while adult use of the drink has increased by 57 percent since 2012.” Among these adults are college students, turning to Pedialyte to help them recover after a night of partying. Ha. Good luck with that.

A bag of IV fluids with B vitamins will get in your system and make you feel like a million bucks. Add a little nausea medicine and pain medicine to that and you will feel human again.

hangover cure ft collins