tour de wyoming keto diet 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903

Tour de Wyoming keto diet day 4


 TOUR DE WYOMING KETO DIET DAY 4 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903

Day 4 was an easy day. The route went from Meeteetse to Basin. The route was 52 miles long and despite dropping 3500 feet we still managed to get 589 feet of climbing in on rollers. We got to Basin around 10am and had plenty of time to find a campsite in the shade of some big trees. Good thing because it was another 100 degree day.

tour de wyoming keto diet 22 day weight loss program tent

Shade is sooo important

Despite Basin being larger than the previous town it had less to offer. So once we were all cleaned up we piled into the car and went to Greybull. We first went to the historic Greybull Hotel, but they don’t serve lunch. Went across the street to a mexican restaurant and they only serve fajitas on Saturdays so we moved on. We finally lucked upon a true Wyoming Saloon.

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The Smokehouse Saloon in my book is the best place in town. A true Wyoming Saloon that doesn’t even have a webpage.  We had burgers which were mouthwatering. I even ate the buns for a change. True cowboy whiskey pours. You can’t have many of those. Still haven’t figured out the stuffed  alligator on the wall. I was educated on that rarest of creatures… the jackalope. After that we cruised main street and had ice cream and much more drinking ending at the Branding Iron Bar where I got my butt kicked in pool.

tour de wyoming keto diet 22 day weight loss program loveland co 970-541-0903 jackalope


We went back to Basin for dinner where we had…. Chicken sandwiches and baked beans. Oh well. Entertainment that night was Dave Munsick, a true Wyoming cowboy singer. He was really good. Tomorrow was supposed to be tough again due to the amount of climbing and the heat. So early bedtime again.

Tour de Wyoming keto diet day 4

So how did I fare on this short leg ? Ride took around 3 hours. I ate  fruit slices at each rest stop. Still using electrolyte tabs in my water bottles. Felt pretty strong all day long. As soon as I got back I checked my ketones( 2.1) and glucose(98).   I set up my tent and lit my stove and had 2 bouillon cubes. Today really was easy.  Not hungry or needing to eat with any urgency.

As soon as my teammates were all cleaned up we headed to Greybull to eat and drink. We would be biking through here tomorrow on our way to Burgess Junction. The day was scorching and we basically went from bar to bar just to stay out of the heat. The Tour de Wyoming had chicken sandwiches for dinner.  Stay tuned for day 5.


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