Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 5

Day 5 of Ride the Rockies was going to be a reasonable  day. It consisted of 49 miles and 4636 feet of climbing . The route went from Grand Lake to Estes Park over the highest pass in the United States.  I had to get up at 4am because of the bus situation.  I made myself a cowboy coffee before I left. I was on my bike by 600 am riding towards  Trail Ridge. I severely overestimated the temperature. While the temperature was reasonable in Fraser , it was freezing cold in Rocky Mountain National Park.  While I physically felt good, it was so cold I was miserable. Couldn’t feel my feet or hands.  I stopped at the first rest stop hoping to find coffee. I feel Ride the  Rockies dropped the ball by not having a vendor with some hot liquids at this stop as the temp was in the 30’s and we were in the shade. Lucky for me following this aid station it was all uphill and I soon warmed up. 

Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 5


Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 5

I  felt pretty good and just cruised along till I hit the Alpine Visitor center just over 11000ft. The winds on Trail  Ridge were the worst I have ever seen with gusts up to 50 mph. There were multiple times I felt like I was going to be blown off the road. When I got to the Alpine Visitor center I found a sheltered area and waited for them to open so I could get a cup of coffee.  I made a cowboy coffee, had a keto bar, and took a 30 minute break.

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Alpine Visitor Center and Last Pass of the 2016 Ride the Rockies

I descended straight to Estes Park with no breaks. One advantage of being on this road so early is limited traffic. You have to love those 40-50 mph descents.  I felt great when I arrived. My hotel let me check in early at 11am, but my luggage had not caught up yet so I could not check my ketones. Once again lucky I had placed a backpack with the RTR trucks. It just is so important that you clean up as soon as possible and get those salty clothes off.

Ate fajitas at Ed’s Cantina and had a couple of beers. Headed back to the room and our luggage had finally arrived.


loveland weight loss programs jagersnitzel

Yeah, I blew the keto thing, but it was worth it

I checked my ketones which were 1.9 and my glucose was 80. I was really surprised at my blood sugar as this was post eating and drinking two beers. Did my usual post ride supplements. I continued my taking magnesium and COQ10. I did also do my daily  bouillon cube. Headed out again after a short nap. Lots of beer, whiskey, in the search for a dinner place. Settled on Wild Rose for dinner and had a fantastic jagersnitzel for dinner as well as dessert of ice cream and chocolate brownie.  Take that you keto junkies. Yes, this was a heck of a cheat meal.

I was actually stronger than my roommate for the first time this trip. Once we started climbing on Trail Ridge he never was able to catch me. I did completely blow my low carb regimen in Estes Park. But my feeling is, once your body is keto adapted it knows how to go back and forth and you just won’t bonk like if you are a carbohydrate athlete. Having done this tour five times I know what it feels like to be a carb athlete and I really prefer this keto adaptation. Just remember, I am a recreational athlete and not competing and sprinting. You may need more glycogen stores and carb usage if you are the type of athlete that competes.


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