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Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 3

Day 3 of Ride the Rockies was going to be another tough day. It consisted of 79 miles and 6537 feet of climbing . The route went from  Copper  to Copper  and is known as the Copper Triangle. This day was tough enough that my roommate backed out of it as well as many  other bikers. I believe they used it as a rest day so they function better for the rest of the tour. I was smart this time and had my bike in my room and could start directly from there. Up at 5am and  checked my blood levels first thing in the morning. My ketones  were 3.2  and glucose was 90. I actually felt pretty good so I continued with my nutritional ketosis experiment. Made myself a cowboy coffee which is always a nice start to the morning.  I was on my bike by 0600 am riding towards  the first pass, which was Fremont Pass from the side I descended yesterday. Needless to say it was a lot slower climbing this.   My first water bottle had an electrolyte tab with it. I carried a little packet of coconut oil that I was going to use if I found coffee or a hot beverage  anywhere as well as 2 keto bars. I knew today would be another long tough day.

Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 3 route


Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 3

It was 32 degrees at the start at 6am. Halfway up Fremont( first pass) I had to get off the bike and warm my feet up. At the top of Fremont I ate a Keto Bar which provided some good energy. Now the pancake guy is pretty good, but I have to fault them for not having any hot beverages. Ride the Rockies struck out on this as well. This was a really cold morning and I consider something warm a necessity when it is that cold.  I had pretty good energy and only stopped to refill my water bottles. At the top of Tennessee  pass( second pass) I refilled my water bottles and headed towards Battle Mountain( pretty good climb). There is a beautiful gorge just prior to this and the RTR photo guys took cyclist pictures there.

 At the Minturn aid station I found the fajita guy and did not take any chances and fueled up. Once again, no tortillas, just chicken, veggies, sour cream, and cheese. This was  a major aid station and is used by a lot of other bike tours that do this route.  At Vail I found a coffee shop and I had a cowboy coffee. I ate another keto bar as well and started back on the road. Vail pass( third pass) was tough, but I had enough energy for this. I was really glad for my bailout gear though. Doing Vail pass from the Vail side is definitely harder than doing it from the Copper side. When I got to the top the pass was closed due to an accident that required an ambulance.  Quick descent into Copper and I was done.

Loveland Weight Loss Programs tennessee pass

I pulled into Copper around 100pm. I parked my bike in my room, ate a beef bar and had my bouillon. I rechecked my ketones which were 5.6 and my glucose was 73. I felt pretty good, better than yesterday. Went to a pub at the west village and had a beer and some chicken wings. I can’t believe the Absinthe bar went out of business. Bummer. Back to the room to get my jacket because I was actually cold. Thought I could eat dinner at Jacks again in East Village but place closed down for a VIP party. I am sure the nearby RTR campers were pissed off at that. Walked to West Village and ate at C.B. Grille. Let me tell you, a little pricey, but worth every penny.  I had a massive steak with veggies and a couple of whiskies and enjoyed talking to the staff there. Something I noticed through the years is that a lot of these places really do not staff up for RTR. I do not think they realize how busy they will be when Ride the Rockies  comes rolling through their town.


I am glad I did not call my experiment quits. Too new at measuring ketones with exercise to really know what the limits are. I did not do to much measuring prior to the tour because ketone strips cost 5 bucks a piece. Glucose strips are cheap. I was surprised that my glucose was consistently below 100 whether I ate or not.

I called it a night at 8pm. Staying at Copper with the way they do lodging can really be a pain, but the room was really nice. That was it for day three. I did not have any  problems with this day. Looking back this was probably the second hardest day of the tour.  I believe that the heat of yesterday( between Twin Lakes and Leadville) did affect me more than I thought.


Tomorrow an “easy day” with just one pass.


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