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Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 2

Day 2 of Ride the Rockies was my toughest day. It consisted of 85 miles and 7655 feet of climbing . The route went from  Aspen to Copper  and included Independence Pass(12096 ft) and Fremont Pass(11,318 ft). Unfortunately, I parked my bike in the bike corral so I had to get bused from my hotel in Aspen to the start. I woke up at 430am and made myself a cowboy coffee. I was on my bike by 645 am riding towards  the first pass. Only water in my bike bottles, but I did drink one bottle with an electrolyte tab prior to starting my ride. I carried a little packet of coconut oil that I was going to use if I found coffee anywhere as well as 2 keto bars and a beef bar. I knew today would be a long tough day.

Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 2

Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 2

Couple hours into the ride I ate a Keto Bar which provided some good energy. The bar I used has 19 gm fat, 6 gm carbohydrates, and 7 gm of protein. The first real aid station was completely overcrowded. Not enough food vendors or porta potty’s. Since I did not need to eat anyways and  I had pretty good energy I only stopped to refill my water bottles.

I have done a similar route to this in the past and I knew how bad the ride between Twin Lakes and Leadville could get so I did not plan to hang around at the top. At the top of Independence pass I refilled my water bottles, put warm clothes on, and went  for the screaming 50 mph descent. At Twin Lakes I had a cowboy coffee and ate another keto bar. This was my longest stop so far before I  started back on the road.

As we headed towards Leadville I began to get a bit nauseated. It was pretty hot out and I just was lacking that extra bit of energy. I also felt hungry for the first time. At the aid station before Leadville I did find a vendor that sold fajita bowls and I got one stuffed with sour cream and cheese. I skipped the tortillas, but did eat the veggies. It took me a while to put that down and it gave me a chance to rest and cool down from the heat of the day. There was absolutely no shade once you left Twin Lakes. The fajita guy became my favorite vendor on this ride.  When I reached Leadville I stopped for a  coffee. I was having some problems with my gut and had to take an extended break. When my gut  had settled down I headed up Fremont Pass.

Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 1 KETO


I don’t know why but the farther I got up Fremont the stronger I felt. Really short break at Fremont and headed down fast to Copper. I could see the weather building up. I pulled into Copper around 230pm. This time I parked my bike in my room . Alpine Cycle did not have the luggage there yet which surprised me as I did get my backpack from the RTR truck. I still was able to check in and clean up and around an hour later the luggage showed up.  I ate a beef bar which had 12 gm of fat, 10 gm of carb, and 11 gm of protein. I also  had a handful of macadamia nuts and a bouillon cube in a cup of hot water. Went to a pub(Jacks) and had a cheeseburger without buns, 2 large salads, and a bowl of tomato soup. I also had 2 beers with dinner. As I was walking back it started raining cats and dogs. I really felt sorry for the people that were still coming in at this time. Even sorrier for the ones who had to put up their tents in this weather. In my room I had a fair amount of macadamia nuts. Called it an early night. That was it for day two.


My  glucose after the ride was 84 and my  Ketones were  6.2. I was shocked. I actually debated calling my experiment quits. I did have problems with this day. I believe my ketones got a bit too high causing me other problems. It could have contributed to my gut problems. Possibly planning my food better might have helped. I have a feeling my electrolytes were a little off as well. No way for me to check that while on a rode trip. Mentally  I was clear and did not have a headache. It was a really tough day with the climbing and the heat at the end of the day. I decided that I would check my ketones in the morning and if they were not dropping I would quit my experiment.

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