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Loveland Weight Loss Programs RTR Day 1

Day 1 of Ride the Rockies was not going to be a tough day( for Ride the Rockies standards). It consisted of 50 miles and 4253 feet of climbing . The route went from Carbondale to Aspen and was beautiful. Unfortunately I was staying in Aspen so I had to get bused from Aspen to the start. I have done this tour five times and have always used Alpine Cycle Connection to provide lodging. The benefit is that you get a room to stay in every night. On the years when it has been really hot having a room with […]

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 One very common complaint I hear from people on a low carbohydrate diet is that it affects their sports performance. Ride the Rockies is a bike tour that happens yearly in Colorado. This year’s ride covered 399 miles and 29,311 feet of climbing in 6 days. What an opportunity to test and really see if someone can do a strenuous event like this on a low-carb diet. These next couple posts will be about my Ride the Rockies adventure.       Loveland Weight Loss Programs My Ride the Rockies story Ride the Rockies 2016 was an experiment in low carbohydrate high […]
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Keto adapted

Keto adapted I thought I would write an article on what it is like to be keto adapted. In general, I watch the carbohydrates I eat and try to minimize them. I would bet that I am under 50 gms of carbohydrates 90 percent of the time.I try to get 60 percent of my calories from fat , around 20-30 percent from protein, with carbohydrates supplying 10-20 percent. I also practice intermittent fasting a couple times a week. My story starts with a bike ride. I am doing Ride the Rockies starting June 11, 2016. This is a 6 day […]